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Dialog engine

A dialog engine and natural language processing are essential to bring a bot to life.

  • Proprietary NLP
  • Contextual decision trees
  • Web services consumption
  • Multilingual


A chatbot is technology and content. These 2 elements are essential, which is why we offer knowledge base models for a certain number of fields / professions.

  • E-commerce
  • Employees support
  • Town halls
  • Schools
  • and more ...


Your chatbot must be available to your users where they need to be, which is why we offer several integrations.

  • Web chat
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Google chat
  • Microsoft Bot Framework


Your chatbot will live, you must be able to follow it and make it evolve.

  • Conversation history and enrichment of the knowledge base from them
  • Complete and detailed statistical monitoring (volume, themes, qualification, satisfaction, etc.)
Knowledge configuration
Chatbot benefits are immediate :
  • Reduces the number of incoming contacts, thus focusing support functions (customer service, HR, IT…) on high added-value requests
  • Increases user satisfaction thanks to instant answers 24/7
  • Develops the brand image
  • Optimises costs

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Our chatbots can be used in an infinite number of cases: customer service, help desk, visitors welcome, employee support (HR, IT), product recommendation, transactions, domotics…in fields as varied as energy, finance, insurance, telecommunications, transportation, the automobile industry, the public sector…

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